Decluttering Round 2 – Journey To Minimalism

Since my last two posts regarding minimalism entitled “The First Step – Journey to Minimalism” and “Things I Love – Journey to Minimalism” a lot has happened regarding my continuous path to becoming a minimalist. When I wrote those posts, I had gotten rid of so much stuff, at least 10 bags of clothes, rubbish, toys,…

Raw Vegan Raspberry Slice! 

A delicious, guilt free slice with a crunchy nut base, luxurious raspberry filling and mouth-watering decadent chocolate topping!

Eco Living & Sustainability Tips #1 – WATER

I am certainly by no means the most environmentally conscious person on this planet, but every day I take steps to ensure I am striving towards that. Don’t stop with the good ol’ reduce, reuse, recycle stuff….all of us need to go further in playing a role in saving our planet. Whether you don’t even…

Ultimate Skincare Tips

During the year long process of improving my skin with medication, I recognised the importance of simple skin care. Furthermore I learnt a few tips along the way regarding skin care that I believe can help anyone.

Banana Nicecream

Haven’t heard of banana nice-cream yet? Well here I am to change your world.