Raw Vegan Raspberry Slice! 

A delicious, guilt free slice with a crunchy nut base, luxurious raspberry filling and mouth-watering decadent chocolate topping!

Eco Living & Sustainability Tips #1 – WATER

I am certainly by no means the most environmentally conscious person on this planet, but every day I take steps to ensure I am striving towards that. Don’t stop with the good ol’ reduce, reuse, recycle stuff….all of us need to go further in playing a role in saving our planet. Whether you don’t even…

Our Planet Is Dying

The fact is the Earth is dying, and human activity is the cause…so, what can YOU do?

Ultimate Skincare Tips

During the year long process of improving my skin with medication, I recognised the importance of simple skin care. Furthermore I learnt a few tips along the way regarding skin care that I believe can help anyone.