No perfume…or deodorant?

I was an avid perfume wearer once upon a time…I would literally cover myself in perfume and reapply throughout the day. Honestly I probably smelt overwhelmingly sweet. Hmmm, not so good hey? Turns out not only is perfume somewhat toxic smelling, it is also harmful to your health.

Do you even know what’s in your perfume? Yeah, neither did I – because companies don’t have to list the hundreds of chemicals going into their products that are labelled under the broad category of ‘fragrance’…whatever that means.

 It seems pretty clear that perfume should not be something we are putting on and in our bodies. We don’t even know what is in one does!

That is the main reason why I don’t wear perfume…to not inflict upon myself and others toxic chemicals and health problems. 

Along with not wearing perfume, I also don’t wear typical antiperspirant. I used to get really bad reactions on my armpits  and I could never work out why (neither could the doctors…), turns out that when I switched from chemical aluminium antiperspirant to natural deodorant the problems I had for years seemingly disappeared within a week much to my relief. Upon further research of typical antiperspirants I was completely cemented in my choice to exclude these toxic products from my pits. 

Yes, it can be a big switch when you are so used to typical antiperspirants. It will take time for you and your body to adjust. 

Yes, you might have to try a few brands of deodorant to find out which one you like best (my absolute favourite is ‘Schmidt’s) but the pay off is great, especially if you have extremely sensitive or irritated underarms like me.

Since limiting my direct use of artificial fragrances I have become so much more sensitive to smells and have been using 100% pure essential oils far more often. I cannot stress how beneficial removing unecessary chemicals is to your health.

Please reconsider and look for alternatives when it comes to products you use on your body, as it is your biggest organ and literally absorbs ANYTHING you put on it. So choose wisely and in my case just don’t use products. We really don’t need all of the products we use daily so see what you could do without!


I love reading all your comments and engaging with you all. I am hoping to post far more regularly in the near future so please follow my blog for more posts about living a more healthy and happy life! Thank you! 

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  1. is there a place to contact you through email about collaborations? 🙂


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