How To Create A Minimalist Bedroom – Journey To Minimalism

My room used to look like a bomb of stuff blew up in it. I had so many clothes, random stationary, books, jewellery, childhood art and well just stuff. Read about my recent decluttering here and here for decluttering round 2.

I love my bedroom. I love spending time in there; whether it be reading, watching way too many episodes of Mad Men, getting ready to go out or relaxing at the end of a long school day, my room is my zen place.




So many people seem to not be able to properly put things away because there is no space, or shove stuff in random cupboards and seem to have a pile of clothes that continues to multiply daily.

I don’t have this problem. Rarely, if ever do I have to do an hour long clean up of stuff that accumulates on a bedroom floor or spend a day scouting out places to put all my useless stuff. My secret? I never have any of this useless stuff to begin with.

I don’t have hundreds of unworn clothes, nor do I have draws filled with tangled jewellery and unused knick knacks, instead the things I own are the things that bring me joy and make me happy. Having a room to go to that is clean, tidy and beautiful is what brings me joy, it makes me calm and relives me of the mental stress I may have felt that day.


So…how can you do it too?


Take out literally everything in your room, tip out all drawers and look under the bed. Sort through it all carefully and be ruthless. Think Kon Marie style! Chances are if you haven’t worn it in the past year you’re never going to wear it or if you forgot you had that cute necklace from when you were 5 it’s time to give it up. Don’t keep unnecessary things just for the sake of it – sell them or donate them…this goes for unused or empty furniture also. Check out my other posts in my journey to minimalism series to hear my personal story regarding decluttering.


Once you’ve purged all the things that you don’t need in your life, think carefully about where you want to place it all. Don’t just chuck it all in a random draw, place them in their allocated spots. There are loads of resources regarding how to organise out there, but in my opinion just find a method that works for you. I group similar things together and place stuff where I can see it and things aren’t hidden.

Also, while your at it – go through the dreaded linen cupboard…chances are you have 4 of the same sheet and 20 pillow cases. Think realistically, at most you probably need 2 sets of bedding and 2 pillow cases. On a side note – how cool is this bed sheet?! We picked it up from a local market, turns out its made by ‘Lincot Linen’, an Australian company that shut down in 1987! It truly has stood the test of time…Any ideas of what era it’s from? (I’m guessing 60s or 70s based on the pattern)

A minimalist bedroom for you might be owning 300 things for others it may be 20, but be true to yourself and what will truly make you happy when ridding yourself of your belongings. Make your bedroom a place of comfort, rest and relaxation.

Honestly, the rest is up to you when it comes to creating your zen place. Place things out that you love and adds value to your life. For me, this involves having small decorative/useful things out that I use daily and brings me joy…these include my diffuser, incense, crystals and plants.



I feel joy when I walk in my room and see these things, but aside from that these objects are extremely beneficial for my mental health and I am reminded numerous times a day to employ numerous strategies to help me deal with stress and remain excited and positive for the day. Try to create a space for you to also do this within your room.



In my opinion, clutter doesn’t make anyone happy. Having less things leads to you focusing on the stuff that’s important – whatever that may be for you.

Thanks for reading and let me know how all your minimalism journeys are going in the comments! Courtney.

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  1. andreasgreenbeautyblog says:

    Great post! Everything looks so clean and peaceful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Courtney says:

      Thank you! Glad you like it.


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