‘Boho Things’ Face Scrubbie

Here’s the thing – I have always wanted a clarisonic as many other people do, the idea of a high powered, deep cleansing tool that fit ergonomically in my hand sounded fabulous. After learning about zero waste, eco living and all things as such I began to doubt the need for such a product – but I still wanted something to exfoliate naturally. In comes the face scrubbie…

Credit: Boho Things


I purchased the hemp face scrubbie by Boho Things from Biome. Here’s whats to love –

  • no residue
  • washable
  • reusable
  • cost effective
  • australian made
  • gentle

Although I chose the hemp version, there are cotton and bamboo oones availiable for a softer scrubbie, I find the hemp one exfoliating yet gentle.

After cleansing my skin feels far more fresh than just using my hands, in fact it feels luxurious. It lathers my sukin cleanser well and doesn’t absorb the product.  It’s easy to wash out and dry before its next use (although you do dampen it when using it) and would be perfect to travel with as it is very compact. Not only is it great for my skin, compared to other skincare tools the face scrubbie is extremely affordable.

In summary, I love my face scrubbie because honestly what is there not to love?  I am sure it will last for many washes to come and I feel wonderful supporting such an amazing Australian brand doing good for my skin and the planet.

Check out their website here. They are also availiable at Biome where I purchased mine.

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