NZ Ski Trip

You may have noticed I have been M.I.A for the past 10 days my blog but this is because I just came back from a 10 day school trip in NZ!

To say the least it was an absolutely amazing trip filled with many chair lift rides and laughs, I’m so incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to ski and explore New Zealand.

We stayed in Wanaka, near the beautiful lake surrounded by the snow capped mountains.

ski trip nz june 2016 (114).JPG
Lake Wanaka


We skied at Mount Cardrona, roughly a 1.5 hr trip from Wanaka by bus for 3 days straight and gradually improved our skiing abilities from the white carpet to the green beginner slopes, aiming to improve our ability to stop and turn.

ski trip nz june 2016 (56)

The weather we had was amazing for the 3 days we were there and the view from the Skyline Track was breathtaking. Mount Cardrona was great for beginners, as the tracks had variety and were easy enough for beginners but weren’t boring. ski trip nz june 2016 (94)On our 3rd day we decided to take a long green beginner track called ‘The Real Journey’, which meant going to the bottom of the mountain, taking a chair lift up again then going back down to the main meeting area. We began by going down , then we got to an intersection that wasn’t signed….we headed down the path that appeared to be the least steepest. Once we began heading down we realized this was no beginners track as fast parallel skiers flew past us….I ended up taking my skis off and sliding down the mountain uncontrollably on my back. We must have looked like complete idiots but we did make it back onto ‘The Real Journey’ track once we reached the end of the intermediate track, but it was a terrifying experience to now look back on and laugh.

ski trip nz june 2016 (53)

Following our final day skiing at Cardrona we headed to Onamara for an overnight stay on the way to Mt Hutt.

ski trip nz june 2016 (130)ski trip nz june 2016 (143)

The next day we began driving to Methven, with a stop over at the Lake Pukaki and the Tekapo hot springs. After the 2 days of driving we had a full day of skiing at Mount Hutt.

ski trip nz june 2016 (158)ski trip nz june 2016 (178)We then had another break day, heading to the shopping center, Cookie Time and a tour around Christchurch. Following this we were meant to go skiing at Mt Hutt but there was 150km/hr winds so we were unable to…so we headed to the Christchurch Antarctic Centre and a shopping center.

The following day we headed home after a visit to the Christchurch museum and the container mall.

 It was such an amazing trip surrounded by wonderful people….I will have so many happy memories to look back on. 



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