Edible Garden



I was first inspired to start my own garden after seeing the beautiful edible gardens people across the world had created and even though my mum is an invested gardener herself, it had never sparked an interest in my mind until of late – I would often think it was boring, time consuming, tiring and had little reward. Boy how I was wrong….

With my new found motivation and commitment we headed off to Bunnings to get a raised garden bed and some seedlings for our new edible garden. Within about two hours we had drilled together the garden bed and had heaved about 5 wheelbarrow loads of soil from the driveway to the backyard – not any easy task as you can imagine.

Raised Garden Bed

We planted our seedlings, watered them in and I sat back and relaxed….possibly a bit too much. After at least 3 consecutive days of hot sun and minimal water the seedlings ‘struggled’. Okay okay, let’s not sugar coat things – they pretty much died.

Dying Seedlings

In all honesty, I was devastated…my little babies that I so carefully planted were now wilted, turning brown and had no chance of returning to thrive. But, I continued on and watered them every day and put a cover over them to block some of the harsh sunlight and keep potential turkeys and dogs (cough Rocky) etc off the garden bed.

After many weeks, some remaining survivors began to flourish and start to establish themselves.

After I saw some of the plants beginning to thrive, we added in beetroots once again (see the dead ones above?), rosemary, parsley and celery (which we began growing in water indoors…who knew!)

Lettuce & Celery



To say the least, I am very excited for what our edible garden holds, may there be bountiful vegetables and very tasty meals ahead.

Get outside and indulge in what nature has to offer.








2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sean says:

    That is awesome


  2. Mum says:

    Your photos are beautiful. Can’t wait to cook from our very own little piece of the planet.


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