Mt Coot-tha Summit


Mount Coot-tha which is 287 metres above sea level, has the highest peak in Brisbane. I have always heard people talking about the beautiful forest walks in the area, but have never gone on one myself.

We set off on the popular ‘Summit Track’ a 1.9km track that leads from JC Slaughter Falls to the Mt Coot-tha Lookout.¬†There were lots of people out on the track so it wasn’t the ‘quiet and serene’ walk some may look for, but nonetheless it was a great walk through the forest.


The only struggle was trying to match Bonnie’s pace…her one step is equal to two of mine!


The track is full of small paths leading off to the flowing creek.


The large path is surrounded by trees and other plants as well as creeks, making for a beautiful walk through the forest to the summit. The time seemed to fly by as we walked through the forest.



Once we reached the summit, it was amazing. The view from the Mt Coot-tha Summit is absolutely breathtaking and being able to have walked all the way up there was an achievement within itself. I certainly appreciated the view a lot more!


Although it was very cloudy, we could still see the CBD… I can only imagine what it would be like on a clear day.

I cannot wait to go on another walk in the Mt Coot-tha area as it truly is a beautiful, remarkable piece of bush land and I encourage you all to check it out as well.

Check out the walking trails here –




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