Farm Stay Bliss

Here we go…my first real blog post!

Over the past few years, I have stayed at a fair few farm-stays, all of which beautiful, amazing and memorable; but, my most recent stay in the Lost World Valley was certainly an experience to remember.

Getting away from the busy city life was a dream, with no mobile service I was completely disconnected from the toxicity of the social media world, it allowed me to take in the amazing surroundings and truly be one with the environment around me.

Amazing Morning Sunrise


The homestay house was gorgeous, housing generations of dairy farmers and their families – the recently refurbished accommodation felt warm and cozy. I really felt as immersed in the country lifestyle, with rolling hills surrounding the homestead – paddocks filled with grazing cows and greenery.

Lovely Outdoor Setting
Authentic Farm Accommodation


Not only was the house absolutely gorgeous my favourite part of the entire experience was meeting some beautiful creatures.



Through this post I hope to encourage you all to get out into your natural environment and experience and appreciate the world around you.

Thank you,









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